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      Move to Sphinx for developer documentation · 2f33e62c
      Vermaat authored
      This is quite a large commit, touching many things related to developer
      documentation. It is all focussed on getting as much of this as possible
      into the new Sphinx-based documentation.
      Some highlights:
      - Start Sphinx-based developer documentation, including fairly complete
        instructions for installation and configuration.
      - Remove epydoc API docs.
      - Rework some docstrings to conform to reStructuredText, so they can be
        used in the API docs generated by Sphinx.
      - Move all of the top-level text files to reStructuredText so they can
        linked from the Sphinx-based docs and for consistency.
      - Remove many obsolete things from the extras/ directory, including old
        installation scripts and migrations.
      Many of the installation related documentation and scripts are removed
      or adapted in light of the new automated deployment using Ansible.