Commit 81797e5a authored by Peter van 't Hof's avatar Peter van 't Hof

Remove some old code

parent 6455b8d4
......@@ -48,20 +48,3 @@ class PrefixFastq(val root: Configurable) extends ToolCommandFunction {
required("-o", outputFastq) +
optional("-s", prefixSeq)
object PrefixFastq {
* Create a PrefixFastq class object with a sufix ".prefix.fastq" in the output folder
* @param root parent object
* @param input input file
* @param outputDir outputFolder
* @return PrefixFastq class object
def apply(root: Configurable, input: File, outputDir: String): PrefixFastq = {
val prefixFastq = new PrefixFastq(root)
prefixFastq.inputFastq = input
prefixFastq.outputFastq = new File(outputDir, input.getName + ".prefix.fastq")
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