Commit 3b7faccf authored by akaljuvee's avatar akaljuvee


parent 4b067c66
<%@ var summary: Summary %>
<%@ var sampleId: Option[String] = None %>
<%@ var rootPath: String %>
val sampleNames: List[String] = sampleId match {
case Some(sampleName) => List(sampleName.toString)
case _ => summary.samples.toList.sorted
<div class="panel-body">
<!-- Table -->
<table class="table">
#if (sampleNames.size > 1)
<td>${ShivaReport.formatVcfFilePath(summary.getValue("shivasvcalling", "files", "pipeline", "final_mergedvcf", "path"))}</td>
<td>${summary.getValue("shivasvcalling", "files", "pipeline", "final_mergedvcf", "md5")}</td>
#for (sampleName <- sampleNames)
<td><a href="${rootPath}Samples/${sampleName}/index.html">${sampleName}</a></td>
<td>${ShivaReport.formatVcfFilePath(summary.getValue("shivasvcalling", "files", "pipeline", sampleName, "path"))}</td>
<td>${summary.getValue("shivasvcalling", "files", "pipeline", sampleName, "md5")}</td>
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