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# Release notes Biopet version 0.5.0
## General Code changes
* Refactoring Gentrap, not the modules can be used outside of gentrap also
* Added more unit testing
* Upgrade to Queue 3.5
* MultisampleMapping is now a base for all multisample pipeline with a default alignment step
## Functionality
* Added Gears pipeline to support multisample metagenomis NGS data. It can support WGS with kraken and 16s with kraken and Qiime
* Raise expection at beginning of pipeline when not using absolute paths
* Added Varscan to shiva
* Gentrap now uses shiva for variantcalling and prodice multisample vcf files
* Added bowtie 2
* Added fastq validator, flexiprep now aborts when a input file is corrupt
* Adding optional vcf validator step in shiva
* Adding optional Varda step in Toucan
## Infrastructure changes
* Development environment within the LUMC now get tested with Jenkins
* Added integration tests Gentrap
* Added integration tests Gears
* Adding general multisample mapping testing
......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ pages:
- VcfFilter: 'tools/'
- VepNormalizer: 'tools/'
- Release notes:
- 0.6.0: 'releasenotes/'
- 0.5.0: 'releasenotes/'
- 0.4.0: 'releasenotes/'
- 0.3.2: 'releasenotes/'
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