Commit cdbb3e71 authored by Peter van 't Hof's avatar Peter van 't Hof
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Fixed compile error

parent 6aefe25a
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ case class SampleStats(genotypeStats: mutable.Map[String, mutable.Map[String, mu
for ((chr, chrMap) <- other.genotypeStats; (field, fieldMap) <- chrMap) {
if (!this.genotypeStats.contains(chr)) genotypeStats += (chr -> mutable.Map[String, mutable.Map[Any, Int]]())
val thisField = this.genotypeStats(chr).get(field)
if (thisField.isDefined) mergeStatsMap(thisField.get, fieldMap)
if (thisField.isDefined) Stats.mergeStatsMap(thisField.get, fieldMap)
else this.genotypeStats(chr) += field -> fieldMap
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