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......@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ The pipeline accepts ```.fastq & .bam``` files as input.
* [Metagenomics analysis](
* [Mapping](
* [VEP annotation](
* [Structual variant analysis](
* [CNV analysis](
* <a href="" target="_blank">Picard tool suite</a>
* <a href="" target="_blank">GATK tools</a>:
......@@ -212,9 +211,6 @@ toucan:
In addition to standard variant calling, Shiva also supports SV calling.
One can enable this option by setting the `sv_calling` config option to `true`.
For SV calling Shiva uses the [yamsvp]( as a sub-pipeline.
Please see the documentation for yamsvp.
**example config**
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