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Added start for Flexiprep report

parent f8f34f35
<%@ var summary: Summary %>
<%@ var sampleId: Option[String] = None %>
<%@ var libId: Option[String] = None %>
val samples = sampleId match {
case Some(sample) => List(sample.toString)
case _ => summary.samples.toList
<th>Reads before QC</th>
<th>Bases before QC</th>
<th>Reads after QC</th>
<th>Bases after QC</th>
#for (sample <- samples.toList.sorted)
val libs = libId match {
case Some(libId) => List(libId.toString)
case _ => summary.libraries(sample).toList
val sampleRowspan = {
libs.size +
libs.count(summary.getLibraryValue(sample, _, "flexiprep", "settings", "paired").getOrElse(false) == true)
<tr><td rowspan="${sampleRowspan}">${sample}</td>
#for (libId <- summary.libraries(sample))
#{ val paired = summary.getLibraryValue(sample, libId, "flexiprep", "settings", "paired").getOrElse(false) }#
<td #if (paired == true) rowspan="2" #end>${libId}</td>
<td>${summary.getLibraryValue(sample, libId, "flexiprep", "stats", "seqstat_R1", "reads", "num_total")} </td>
<td> ${summary.getLibraryValue(sample, libId, "flexiprep", "stats", "seqstat_R1", "bases", "num_total")}
<td>${summary.getLibraryValue(sample, libId, "flexiprep", "stats", "seqstat_R1_after", "reads", "num_total")}</td>
<td> ${summary.getLibraryValue(sample, libId, "flexiprep", "stats", "seqstat_R1_after", "bases", "num_total")}</td>
#if (paired == true)
<td>${summary.getLibraryValue(sample, libId, "flexiprep", "stats", "seqstat_R2", "reads", "num_total")}</td>
<td> ${summary.getLibraryValue(sample, libId, "flexiprep", "stats", "seqstat_R2", "bases", "num_total")}</td>
<td>${summary.getLibraryValue(sample, libId, "flexiprep", "stats", "seqstat_R2_after", "reads", "num_total")} </td>
<td> ${summary.getLibraryValue(sample, libId, "flexiprep", "stats", "seqstat_R2_after", "bases", "num_total")}</td>
\ No newline at end of file
package nl.lumc.sasc.biopet.pipelines.flexiprep
import{ ReportPage, ReportBuilder }
* Created by pjvan_thof on 3/30/15.
object FlexiprepReport extends ReportBuilder {
val reportName = "Flexiprep"
def indexPage = {
ReportPage(Map(), Map("Summary" -> "/nl/lumc/sasc/biopet/pipelines/flexiprep/flexiprepSummary.ssp"), Map())
// FIXME: Not yet finished
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