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The Toucan pipeline is a VEP-based annotation pipeline.
Currently, it comprises just two steps:
* Variant Effect Predictor run
* [VEP Normalizer on the VEP output](../tools/
java -jar Biopet-0.3.0.jar pipeline Toucan -h
Arguments for Toucan:
-Input,--inputvcf <inputvcf> Input VCF file
-config,--config_file <config_file> JSON config file(s)
-DSC,--disablescatter Disable all scatters
You can set all the usual [flags and options]( of the VEP in the configuration,
with the same name used by native VEP.
As some of these flags might conflict with other Biopet tools/pipelines, it is wise to put the VEP in its own JSON object.
You **MUST** set the following fields:
* `vep_script`: the path to the VEP executable
* `dir` or `dir_cache`: the path to the VEP cache
It is wise to set the `cache_version` field as well.
Furthermore, the `fork` field will be overwritten by `threads` in case that one exists in the config.
Therefore, it is recommended not to use `fork`, but to rather use `threads`.
With that in mind, an example configuration using mode `standard` of the VEPNormalizer would thus be:
"varianteffectpredictor": {
"vep_script": <path_to_exe>,
"dir": <path_to_cache>,
"cache_version": <cache_version>,
"threads": 8
"vepnormalizer": {
"mode": "standard"
"out_dir": <path_to_output_directory>
Running the pipeline
The command to run the pipeline is:
java -jar pipeline Toucan -Input <input_vcf> -config <config_json> -run
If one wishes to run it on a cluster, the command becomes
java -jar pipeline Toucan -Input <input_vcf> -config <config_json> -run -qsub -jobParaEnv <PE>
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