Commit 9ce65deb authored by Ruben Vorderman's avatar Ruben Vorderman
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Changed VCFstats to check whether outputDir is a valid directory.

parent d2cba24c
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ object VcfStats extends ToolCommand {
opt[File]('o', "outputDir") required () unbounded () maxOccurs 1 valueName "<file>" action { (x, c) =>
c.copy(outputDir = x)
} validate {
x => if (x == null) failure("Output directory required") else success
x => if (x.exists) succes else failure ("Valid output directory required")
} text "Path to directory for output (required)"
opt[File]('i', "intervals") unbounded () valueName "<file>" action { (x, c) =>
c.copy(intervals = Some(x))
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