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General rscript for stacked bar plots

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parser <- ArgumentParser(description='Process some integers')
parser$add_argument('--input', dest='input', type='character', help='Input tsv file', required=TRUE)
parser$add_argument('--output', dest='output', type='character', help='Output png file', required=TRUE)
parser$add_argument('--width', dest='width', type='integer', default = 500)
parser$add_argument('--height', dest='height', type='integer', default = 500)
parser$add_argument('--xlabel', dest='xlabel', type='character')
parser$add_argument('--ylabel', dest='ylabel', type='character', required=TRUE)
parser$add_argument('--llabel', dest='llabel', type='character')
arguments <- parser$parse_args()
png(filename = arguments$output, width = arguments$width, height = arguments$height)
DF <- read.table(arguments$input, header=TRUE)
if (is.null(arguments$xlabel)) xlab <- colnames(DF)[1] else xlab <- arguments$xlabel
colnames(DF)[1] <- "Rank"
DF1 <- melt(DF, id.var="Rank")
ggplot(DF1, aes(x = Rank, y = value, fill = variable)) +
xlab(xlab) +
ylab(arguments$ylabel) + guides(fill=guide_legend(title=arguments$llabel)) +
geom_bar(stat = "identity")
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