Commit 72efd86a authored by Peter van 't Hof's avatar Peter van 't Hof
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Added merged input config

parent c4b74ae4
......@@ -198,7 +198,6 @@ class Config(var map: Map[String, Any]) extends Logging {
// Positions where values are found
val found = convertIndexValuesToMap(foundCache.filter(!_._2.default) => (x._2.foundIndex, x._2.value)))
//val defaultFound = convertIndexValuesToMap(defaultCache.filter(_._2.default) => (x._2.foundIndex, x._2.value)))
// Positions where to start searching
val effectiveFound = convertIndexValuesToMap(foundCache.filter(!_._2.default) => (x._2.requestIndex, x._2.value)), Some(false))
......@@ -209,8 +208,8 @@ class Config(var map: Map[String, Any]) extends Logging {
val fullEffective = ConfigUtils.mergeMaps(effectiveFound, effectiveDefaultFound)
val fullEffectiveWithNotFound = ConfigUtils.mergeMaps(fullEffective, notFound)
writeMapToJsonFile(, "input")
writeMapToJsonFile(found, "found")
//writeMapToJsonFile(defaultFound, "defaults")
writeMapToJsonFile(effectiveFound, "effective.found")
writeMapToJsonFile(effectiveDefaultFound, "effective.defaults")
writeMapToJsonFile(notFound, "not.found")
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