Commit 5e0d74cb authored by pjvan_thof's avatar pjvan_thof
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Fixing type

parent 4f16f7d8
......@@ -63,11 +63,11 @@ object WriteDependencies extends Logging with Configurable {
case class QueueFile(file: File) {
private val inputJobs: ListBuffer[QFunction] = ListBuffer()
def addInputJob(function: QFunction): inputJobs.type = inputJobs += function
def addInputJob(function: QFunction): Unit = inputJobs += function
def inputJobNames: List[String] =
private val outputJobs: ListBuffer[QFunction] = ListBuffer()
def addOutputJob(function: QFunction): outputJobs.type = {
def addOutputJob(function: QFunction): Unit = {
if (outputJobs.nonEmpty) logger.warn(s"File '$file' is found as output of multiple jobs")
outputJobs += function
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