Commit 4d81e180 authored by pjvan_thof's avatar pjvan_thof
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Adding merged file to summary

parent ee4de907
......@@ -44,12 +44,15 @@ class Stringtie(val parent: Configurable) extends QScript with Measurement with
val stringtieMerge = new StringtieMerge(this)
stringtieMerge.inputGtfs = sampleGtfFiles
stringtieMerge.referenceGtf = Some(annotationGtf)
stringtieMerge.outputGtf = new File(outputDir, "stringtie.merged.gtf")
stringtieMerge.outputGtf = stringtieMergeOutput
def stringtieMergeOutput: File = new File(outputDir, "stringtie.merged.gtf")
override def summaryFiles: Map[String, File] =
super.summaryFiles ++ Map("annotation_gtf" -> annotationGtf)
super.summaryFiles ++ Map("annotation_gtf" -> annotationGtf,
"stringtie_merged" -> stringtieMergeOutput)
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