Commit 32796b57 authored by bow's avatar bow
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More missing executables config

parent 3a1f0235
......@@ -184,9 +184,9 @@ object GentrapTest {
// fastqc executables
"fastqc", "seqtk", "sickle", "cutadapt",
// mapping executables
"star", "bowtie", "samtools", "gsnap",
"star", "bowtie", "samtools", "gsnap", "tophat",
// gentrap executables
"cufflinks", "htseq-count", "grep", "pdflatex", "Rscript", "tabix", "bgzip", "htseq-count",
"cufflinks", "htseqcount", "grep", "pdflatex", "Rscript", "tabix", "bgzip",
// bam2wig executables
"igvtools", "wigtobigwig"
).map { case exe => exe -> Map("exe" -> "test") }.toMap
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