Commit 243fd59a authored by bow's avatar bow
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Set default validation stringency to lenient in WipeReads

parent 634364dd
......@@ -165,6 +165,7 @@ object WipeReads extends MainCommand {
new SAMFileReader(inBAM, inBAMIndex)
else {
val sfr = new SAMFileReader(inBAM)
if (!sfr.hasIndex)
throw new IllegalStateException("Input BAM file must be indexed")
......@@ -312,6 +313,7 @@ object WipeReads extends MainCommand {
val templateBAM = new SAMFileReader(inBAM)
val targetBAM = factory.makeBAMWriter(templateBAM.getFileHeader, true, outBAM)
val filteredBAM =
if (filteredOutBAM != null)
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