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......@@ -138,8 +138,8 @@ For all the options, please see the corresponding documentation for the mapping
### Gender aware variantcalling
In Shiva and ShivaVariantcalling while using haplotypecaller_gvcf it is possible to do gender aware variantcalling. In this mode it required to supply bed files to define haploid regions (see config values).
- For males is `hap̦loid_regions` and `hap̦loid_regions_male` is used.
- For females is `hap̦loid_regions` and `hap̦loid_regions_female` is used.
- For males, `hap̦loid_regions` and `hap̦loid_regions_male` is used.
- For females, `hap̦loid_regions` and `hap̦loid_regions_female` is used.
The pipeline will use a union of those files. At least 1 file is required while using this mode.
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