Commit 0bc5bbe7 authored by Peter van 't Hof's avatar Peter van 't Hof
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Added traits for queries

parent 6af07834
......@@ -12,7 +12,6 @@ import java.sql.Date
import scalaz._
import Scalaz._
import SummaryDb.Implicts._
* This class interface wityh a summary database
......@@ -495,11 +494,53 @@ class SummaryDb(val db: Database) extends Closeable {
object SummaryDb {
trait PipelineQuery
case class PipelineId(id: Int) extends PipelineQuery
case class PipelineName(name: String) extends PipelineQuery
trait SampleQuery
case object NoSample extends SampleQuery
case class SampleId(id: Int) extends SampleQuery
case class SampleName(name: String) extends SampleQuery
trait LibraryQuery
case object NoLibrary extends LibraryQuery
case class LibraryId(id: Int) extends LibraryQuery
case class LibraryName(name: String) extends LibraryQuery
trait ModuleQuery
case object NoModule extends ModuleQuery
case class ModuleId(id: Int) extends ModuleQuery
case class ModuleName(name: String) extends ModuleQuery
object Implicts {
implicit def toRight(x: String): \/[Int, String] = x.right
implicit def toLeft(x: Int): \/[Int, String] = x.left
implicit def intToPipelineQuery(x: Int): PipelineQuery = PipelineId(x)
implicit def intToPipelineQuery(x: String): PipelineQuery = PipelineName(x)
implicit def intToOptionPipelineQuery(x: Int): Option[PipelineQuery] = Some(PipelineId(x))
implicit def intToOptionPipelineQuery(x: String): Option[PipelineQuery] = Some(PipelineName(x))
implicit def sampleQueryToOptionPipelineQuery(x: PipelineQuery): Option[PipelineQuery] = Some(x)
implicit def intToModuleQuery(x: Int): ModuleQuery = ModuleId(x)
implicit def intToModuleQuery(x: String): ModuleQuery = ModuleName(x)
implicit def intToOptionModuleQuery(x: Int): Option[ModuleQuery] = Some(ModuleId(x))
implicit def intToOptionModuleQuery(x: String): Option[ModuleQuery] = Some(ModuleName(x))
implicit def moduleQueryToOptionModuleQuery(x: ModuleQuery): Option[ModuleQuery] = Some(x)
implicit def intToSampleQuery(x: Int): SampleQuery = SampleId(x)
implicit def intToSampleQuery(x: String): SampleQuery = SampleName(x)
implicit def intToOptionSampleQuery(x: Int): Option[SampleQuery] = Some(SampleId(x))
implicit def intToOptionSampleQuery(x: String): Option[SampleQuery] = Some(SampleName(x))
implicit def sampleQueryToOptionSampleQuery(x: SampleQuery): Option[SampleQuery] = Some(x)
implicit def intToLibraryQuery(x: Int): LibraryQuery = LibraryId(x)
implicit def intToLibraryQuery(x: String): LibraryQuery = LibraryName(x)
implicit def intToOptionLibraryQuery(x: Int): Option[LibraryQuery] = Some(LibraryId(x))
implicit def intToOptionLibraryQuery(x: String): Option[LibraryQuery] = Some(LibraryName(x))
implicit def libraryQueryToOptionLibraryQuery(x: LibraryQuery): Option[LibraryQuery] = Some(x)
private var summaryConnections = Map[File, SummaryDb]()
/** This closing all summary that are still in the cache */
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