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Update existing gentrap scripts to the new namespace

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#!/usr/bin/env python
Convert a histogram generated by coverageBed to counts per region.
A histogram file can be generated with the following command:
coverageBed -split -hist -abam sample.bam -b selection.bed > selection.hist
The output consists of four columns:
- Chromosome name.
- Start position.
- End position.
- Number of nucleotides mapped to this region.
- Normalised expression for this region.
If the -c option is used, additional columns can be added.
import argparse
import sys
def hist2count(inputHandle, outputHandle, copy):
Split a fasta file on length.
@arg inputHandle: Open readable handle to a histogram file.
@type inputHandle: stream
@arg outputHandle: Open writable handle to the counts file.
@type outputHandle: stream
@arg outputHandle: List of columns to copy to the output file.
@type outputHandle: list[int]
def __copy():
copyList = ""
for i in copy:
copyList += "\t%s" % data[i]
return copyList
def __write():
outputHandle.write("%s\t%i\t%i\t%i\t%f%s\n" % (chromosome, start,
end, count, float(count) / (end - start), copyList))
chromosome = ""
start = 0
end = 0
count = 0
for line in inputHandle.readlines():
data = line.split()
if not data[0] == "all":
start_temp = int(data[1])
end_temp = int(data[2])
if data[0] != chromosome or start_temp != start or end_temp != end:
if chromosome:
chromosome = data[0]
start = start_temp
end = end_temp
count = 0
copyList = __copy()
count += int(data[-4]) * int(data[-3])
def main():
Main entry point.
usage = __doc__.split("\n\n\n")
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description=usage[0], epilog=usage[1])
parser.add_argument("-i", dest="input", type=argparse.FileType("r"),
default=sys.stdin, help="histogram input file (default=<stdin>)")
parser.add_argument("-o", dest="output", type=argparse.FileType("w"),
default=sys.stdout, help="file used as output (default=<stdout>)")
parser.add_argument("-c", dest="copy", type=int, nargs="+", default=[],
help="copy a column to the output file")
args = parser.parse_args()
hist2count(args.input, args.output, args.copy)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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