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Added unit tests for the CLI.

parent f69f3688
Tests for the backtranslate CLI.
from __future__ import (
absolute_import, division, print_function, unicode_literals)
from future.builtins import str, zip
import StringIO
import md5
from backtranslate import cli
def md5_check(data, md5sum):
return md5.md5(data).hexdigest() == md5sum
class TestParser(object):
Test the backtranslate.backtranslate module.
def setup(self):
self._input = open('data/mhv.fa')
self._output = StringIO.StringIO()
def test_with_dna(self):
cli.with_dna(self._input, self._output, 210, 1, 'Leu')
assert md5_check(
self._output.getvalue(), 'efd57489b71583751f3a7efdd70df840')
def test_without_dna(self):
cli.without_dna(self._output, 92, 'Asp', 'Tyr')
assert md5_check(
self._output.getvalue(), '35e17a7e874f11abccb3bd3054c53993')
def test_find_stops(self):
cli.find_stops(self._input, self._output, 210, False)
assert md5_check(
self._output.getvalue(), 'b3dbcc94594ab61e36dbb2256d4b4561')
def test_find_stops_compact(self):
cli.find_stops(self._input, self._output, 210, True)
assert md5_check(
self._output.getvalue(), '34aa553f2ea72ca992b2568a963c27ee')
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