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      Finally figured out what was breaking the tests; apparently something our... · 309037a6
      Ivo Fokkema authored
      Finally figured out what was breaking the tests; apparently something our tested PHP versions don't have.
      - Fixed parse error in object_phenotypes.php.
      - Re-enabled all tests.
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      More fixes in the tests. · 46f3bd10
      Ivo Fokkema authored
      - Removed duplication in tests; there were three login tests that all did the same.
      - Removed duplication in tests; there were two IVA disease creation tests, and one created an additional disease. This is confusing and useless duplication of code; split these features.
      - When enabling the Individual/Gender column, the test wasn't checking if that was successful.
      - Fixed wrong variable name in install_LOVD.php script.
      - The screenshot uploader now also will dump the last lines of Apache's error log, which should contain PHP errors. This may confirm my theory that the tests are failing because PHP warnings due to a WIP commit have turned into fatal errors (perhaps because of xdebug that I can't seem to turn off?).
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  7. 29 Aug, 2019 7 commits
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      Since phenotype addition test is broken completely without reason, disabling... · fabb5162
      Ivo Fokkema authored
      Since phenotype addition test is broken completely without reason, disabling it to see what else will happen.
      - Maybe other failures will shed some light on what the hell is causing this.
      - Reviewed code changes again, nothing found that could cause this crap.
      - PHP Unit will no longer stop on failures tests. Hopefully this means that the test LOVD will always uninstall, so the next tests don't all fail. Shit design.
      - Also fixed a notice in object_genome_variants.php.
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      Phenotype creation test fails on all runs, completely clueless why. Random... · a2faec5e
      Ivo Fokkema authored
      Phenotype creation test fails on all runs, completely clueless why. Random attempt to get it to work.
      - Cannot find what code change might have affected this. Manual tests work just fine. Absolutely clueless.
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      Trying to fix failing tests. · 9eae471b
      Ivo Fokkema authored
      - Clicking on the PubMed link opens a tooltip that now blocks filling in the Reference field afterwards. The code positioning the tooltip has been updated, and perhaps it shifted. The screenshot shows it's definitely off by a lot, but it works in the browser itself.
      - We don't actually need to click that link, so I'm removing the code, hoping it won't be a problem anymore.
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      Fixed import test that is failing. · 0523e4b2
      Ivo Fokkema authored
      - When LOVD throws an error because a parent field is linking to itself, then the rest of the checks are not performed anymore.
      - Edited the import file to now throw that additional error on a different line, so we're still testing for this check to work.
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      Fixed the import tests after the recent changes to the import code. · 5da274c3
      Ivo Fokkema authored
      - Improved the speed of the update import test, which was downloading the body text again and again.
      - Also, the screenshot uploader now deletes the screenshots after uploading.
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      Fixed screenshot uploader properly, now. · 3462d9f2
      Ivo Fokkema authored
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      Fixed typo in screenshot uploader. · ff805085
      Ivo Fokkema authored
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      Streamline Travis tests. · aa166b4c
      mkroon authored
      * Let phpunit abort test suite on failure.
      * Attempt to upload screenshots after every test suite.
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      New variant effect IDs "#" and "+*". · 6d542683
      mkroon authored
      * Added new codes and descriptions to $_SETT['var_effect'].
      * Updated legend in 3 viewlists.
      * Modified submitter test to use new effect ID.
      * New way of generating reported/concluded effect symbol combinations.
      * Added new effect symbol combinations to SQL upgrade.
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