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* 3.0 Build 22 (tag:3.0-22)
* 2018-10-02
* Fixed bug; Curators were no longer able to see non-public individuals in the
gene-specific Individual view.
* Fixed bug; Submitters could submit data without a variant effect by disabling
all transcripts of the gene they selected.
* Sending format=application/json in GET queries to the LOVD2-style API will
make the API return JSON.
Closes #348: "Make current REST API reply in JSON, too".
* Included version 3.0-22 of the official LOVD Reference Sequence Parser
- Updated the script to only show transcripts of the gene passed to it.
Closes #314: "Refseq parser widget hangs in Firefox 57".
* Fixed bug; When confirming variants with a different screening, but not
selecting any variants, a query error occured.
- Also, when confirming variants with another screening, clicking the row no
longer forwards to that variant. It now captures the click and switches the
row's checkbox.
Closes #289: "Improve confirming a variant with a screening".
* Fixed bug; Incomplete custom links could break the unique variant view's
* Various improvements to the submission API.
- Added support for dbSNP IDs, PubMed links, Genetic origin and Pathogenicity
and Variant comments.
- Fixed a minor data formatting bug in HPO terms.
- Added some automated data formatting for RNA and protein fields.
- If a gene is given for a variant, and it exists in LOVD, it must match with
the given transcript.
* Fix broken links to the gene pages on the HGNC website after their updates.
* Made several improvements to the speed of LOVD. Improved the speed of the
update import, the Individual listings on Disease pages, and complex Variant
Closes #386: "The variants/in_gene page is extremely slow on the GV shared".
* Fix username field to also allow for an email address.
* Fixed bug in Find & Replace; Selection lists were not compared correctly.
* Fixed bug; Delins variants were recognized as deletions in the statistics.
* Allow some support for JSON data in LOVD3 data fields. If the fields contain
JSON data, LOVD will format the data nicely and will not display the full
contents in data listings.
* Included version 3.0-22 of the official LOVD Reading Frame Checker.
- Updated the HGVS description of the DNA change to the new HGVS format.
* Fixed bug; The variant mapper didn't fill in the variant effect on the new
transcript mappings, but left it at its default.
* Several improvements to the download feature.
- The public gene-specific downloads had some system columns included.
- A download will now no longer show inactive Phenotype and
VariantOnTranscript columns, if filters are active for Diseases or Genes,
* When creating a transcript without selecting a gene first, LOVD no longer
uses a dropdown but instead uses a more efficient data listing.
* Enlarge the DNA and protein fields to support longer insertions.
Closes #251: "VariantOnGenome/DNA field in lovd_variants table too small by
* Allow for publisher and journal-specific queries using the DOI reference
Closes #257: "Make DOI reference search be partial if requested".
* Updated the LOVD2 to LOVD3 converter; It can now also handle DOIs, updated
column mappings and handling, added support for converting phenotype OMIM IDs
to LOVD3 Diseases.
* Changed the icon of the update checker when there are no updates available,
and added Alt and Title tags.
* Fixed security issue in loading the authorization for ViewLists, which
allowed Curators to craft special requests to load data listings with
non-public data of other genes.
* Fixed bug; Some data listings were not authorized for Curators at all, which
hid non-public data from them that they should have been able to see.
* Allow Curators to download more data listings.
* Fixed bug; When importing, LOVD could use the wrong data for checking the
panelid, fatherid and motherid links.
* Added inheritance field for diseases.
Closes #275: "Copy the inheritance field feature from LOVD+".
* Upgraded jQuery, jQuery UI and the cupertino theme.
* Fixed bug; Deleting a single log entry didn't load the next page's first log
entry anymore.
* 3.0 Build 21 (tag:3.0-21)
* 2018-03-14
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