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    Added various fixes and attempts to fixes to the Travis Selenium tests. · d3d58b0c
    Ivo Fokkema authored
    - Added possible fix for frequent (but random) error when creating genes. The waitUntil() was failing, so I decided to not use it anymore but to poll manually.
    - Due to the removal of the VariantOnGenome/Frequency field, the variant status field had shifted.
    - All imports are failing for some reason now. I'm thinking maybe it wasn't done yet when the checks were run. Added waits everywhere.
    - The manager's testDeleteGeneGJB() test started checking if we were at the previous test, which I had temporarily disabled. This makes no sense; tests should run independently. Removed this check.
    - Disabled the whole authorization_tests testsuite for now, as it's failing due to the Phenotype record not being created.
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