1. 17 Aug, 2021 2 commits
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  5. 11 Aug, 2021 4 commits
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      VOG reported effect may not be Unclassified when status is Marked. · 40fe5b48
      Fokkema authored
      This was already enforced for status is Public, so Marked should be
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      Fix unnecessary requests for overwriting licenses. · dbe82522
      Fokkema authored
      The check whether licenses were already filled in ignored the fact that
      the license field can sometimes be empty, not a NULL value.
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      Remove spaces around select values when importing. · 620a8a26
      Fokkema authored
      When importing, providing a value for a multiple selection list like
      "PCR; SEQ" is valid, and " SEQ" gets stored. This is because
      checkFields() trims the values, but the original values are left. The
      value then mismatches, giving some minor issues. When the entry is
      edited, the problem is also solved. But it's better to not import these
      This is now implemented into checkFields(), but the importer checks for
      differences before checkFields() is run, so entries with spaces in them
      will always trigger an update of the entry, even if there is nothing to
      update. Because this is hard to fix, I'm leaving this.
      Closes #539.
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      Allow application/octet-stream as an import file. · 8c76a3de
      Fokkema authored
      Some users are getting that file type (seems to depend on the browser),
      so allow it next to all text/* types.
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