Commit 9eae471b authored by Fokkema's avatar Fokkema

Trying to fix failing tests.

- Clicking on the PubMed link opens a tooltip that now blocks filling in the Reference field afterwards. The code positioning the tooltip has been updated, and perhaps it shifted. The screenshot shows it's definitely off by a lot, but it works in the browser itself.
- We don't actually need to click that link, so I'm removing the code, hoping it won't be a problem anymore.
parent 8c68b3a1
......@@ -13,8 +13,6 @@ class CreateIndividualDiagnosedWithHealthyControlTest extends LOVDSeleniumWebdri
$this->assertTrue((bool)preg_match('/^[\s\S]*\/src\/individuals[\s\S]create$/', $this->driver->getCurrentURL()));
$this->enterValue(WebDriverBy::name("Individual/Lab_ID"), "1234HealthyCtrl");
$element = $this->driver->findElement(WebDriverBy::linkText("PubMed"));
$this->enterValue(WebDriverBy::name("Individual/Reference"), "{PMID:Fokkema et al (2011):21520333}");
$this->enterValue(WebDriverBy::name("Individual/Remarks"), "No Remarks");
$this->enterValue(WebDriverBy::name("Individual/Remarks_Non_Public"), "Still no remarks");
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