Commit 81878f97 authored by Sander Bollen's avatar Sander Bollen
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fetch samtools version with regex, so that it handles version

strings with suffixes. Warn in stead of fail when version cannot be
parent c2c6fee7
......@@ -14,7 +14,8 @@ from pysam import AlignmentFile
from .models import Primer, Region
from .primer3 import Primer3, parse_primer3_output
from .utils import NoPrimersException, calc_gc, NEW_VCF, generate_fastq_from_primers
from .utils import (NoPrimersException, calc_gc, NEW_VCF,
generate_fastq_from_primers, is_at_least_version_samtools)
PRIMER3_SCRIPT = os.path.join(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__) ,"static"), '')
......@@ -67,8 +68,12 @@ def samtools_version_check(samtools_exe):
lines = handle.readlines()
version_line = lines[0]
version = tuple(map(int, version_line.strip().split(" ")[-1].split(".")))
return version >= (1, 3, 0)
is_at_least_version_samtools(version_line, (1, 3))
except ValueError:
warnings.warn("Could not determine samtools version. "
"Assuming it is at least as recent as version 1.3")
return True
def aln_primers(primers, bwa_exe=None, samtools_exe=None, ref=None, output_bam=None):
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ __author__ = 'ahbbollen'
from datetime import datetime
import hashlib
import sys
import re
import vcf
......@@ -32,6 +33,35 @@ def _is_vcf_version_at_least_0_6_8():
NEW_VCF = _is_vcf_version_at_least_0_6_8()
def is_at_least_version_samtools(version_str, version_tupl):
Check whether a samtools version string is at least a certain version
:param version_str: the version string of emitted by samtools --version
This should be first line of that output. If it contains spaces,
only the last word is considered. May contain build and/or commit hashes.
E.g '1.9' or 'samtools 1.9'
:param version_tupl: 2-tuple of ints of major-minor version.
:return: Boolean
:raises ValueError: if unparsable string
:raises ValueError: if version_tupl is not a 2-tuple
:raises TypeError: if version_tupl contains non-integer
regex = re.compile('^(\d+)\.(\d+).*$')
if "_" not in version_str:
match = regex.match(version_str)
match = regex.match(version_str.split(" ")[-1])
if len(version_tupl) != 2:
raise ValueError
if not all([isinstance(x, int) for x in version_tupl]):
raise TypeError
if match is None:
raise ValueError("Unparsable version string")
return (int(, int( >= version_tupl
def calc_gc(sequence):
Calculates GC percentage from DNA sequence
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