Commit 63ef0435 authored by Sander Bollen's avatar Sander Bollen
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reverse complement for reverse sequence

parent e2996a03
...@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ from subprocess import check_call, call ...@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ from subprocess import check_call, call
import os import os
import warnings import warnings
from Bio.Seq import Seq
from pyfaidx import Fasta from pyfaidx import Fasta
from pysam import AlignmentFile from pysam import AlignmentFile
...@@ -153,13 +154,18 @@ def _has_alternative_alignments(aligned_segment): ...@@ -153,13 +154,18 @@ def _has_alternative_alignments(aligned_segment):
return "XA" in [x[0] for x in tags] return "XA" in [x[0] for x in tags]
def create_primer_from_pair(read1, read2, position=0): def create_primer_from_pair(read1, read2, position=0, reverse_as_complement=True):
"""Create primer from read pair""" """Create primer from read pair"""
if reverse_as_complement:
seq = Seq(read2.query_sequence)
reverse_seq = str(seq.reverse_complement())
reverse_seq = read2.query_sequence
return Primer( return Primer(
chromosome=read1.reference_name, chromosome=read1.reference_name,
position=position, position=position,
left=read1.query_sequence, left=read1.query_sequence,
right=read2.query_sequence, right=reverse_seq,
left_pos=read1.reference_start, left_pos=read1.reference_start,
right_pos=read2.reference_start, right_pos=read2.reference_start,
left_len=read1.query_length, left_len=read1.query_length,
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