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Update mulled container

This way, the same version of picard is used in all tasks in the
pipeline. This fixes issue #38
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......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ containers = {
"bcftools": "docker://",
"bedtools-2.26-python-2.7": "docker://",
"biopet-scatterregions": "docker://",
"bwa-0.7.17-picard-2.18.7": "docker://",
"bwa-0.7.17-picard-2.22.8": "docker://",
"cutadapt": "docker://",
"debian": "docker://debian:buster-slim",
"fastqc": "docker://",
......@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ rule align:
rg = "@RG\\tID:{sample}-library-{read_group}\\tSM:{sample}\\tLB:library\\tPL:ILLUMINA"
output: "{sample}/bams/{sample}-{read_group}.sorted.bam"
container: containers["bwa-0.7.17-picard-2.18.7"]
container: containers["bwa-0.7.17-picard-2.22.8"]
shell: "bwa mem -t 8 -R '{params.rg}' {input.ref} {input.r1} {input.r2} "
"| picard -Xmx4G{input.tmp} SortSam "
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