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Inject slurm submission into integration test

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......@@ -14,6 +14,12 @@ variables:
- conda activate hutspot-pipeline
- echo $BASETEMP
- echo $PATH
- which snakemake
- echo "$(which snakemake) --profile slurm-test \"\$@\"" > snakemake
- chmod +x snakemake
- export PATH=.:${PATH}
- sanity
job_name: hutspot
queue: short
vmem: 4G
threads: 1
time: 00:10:00
tmp: 1G
cluster: ' sbatch --parsable --job-name {jobid} --time={cluster.time} -p {cluster.queue} -c {cluster.threads} --mem-per-cpu={cluster.vmem} --tmp={cluster.tmp}'
cluster-config: 'slurm-test/cluster.yaml'
cluster-status: 'cluster/slurm-cluster-status/'
jobs: 70
latency-wait: 120
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