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math doesn't work on github

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......@@ -190,9 +190,14 @@ more complex, as nearly all rules are duplicated by sample and some
As a rough estimate of the total number of jobs in pipeline you can use
the following formula:
<a href="https://www.codecogs.com/eqnedit.php?latex=n_{jobs}&space;=&space;4&plus;(21*n_{samples})&plus;(n_{samples}*n_{beds})&plus;(n_{samples}*n_{chunks})&plus;n_{chunks}" target="_blank"><img src="https://latex.codecogs.com/gif.latex?n_{jobs}&space;=&space;4&plus;(21*n_{samples})&plus;(n_{samples}*n_{beds})&plus;(n_{samples}*n_{chunks})&plus;n_{chunks}" title="n_{jobs} = 4+(21*n_{samples})+(n_{samples}*n_{beds})+(n_{samples}*n_{chunks})+n_{chunks}" /></a>
Note: math doesn't work on github. The following _does_ work in gitlab
jobs = 4+(21*n_{samples})+(1*n_{samples}*n_{beds})+(1*n_{samples}*n_{chunks})+(1*n_{chunks})
This gives about 12,000 jobs for a 96-sample run with 2 bed files and 100 chunks.
......@@ -283,4 +288,4 @@ digraph snakemake_dag {
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