Commit 3a495653 authored by Hoogenboom, Jerry's avatar Hoogenboom, Jerry

Updates to Samplevis HTML visualisations (mostly the tables)

* Added Noise column to the allele tables.
* Added number of reads before correction to the allele tables.
* Added raw numbers of reads to the Correction and Recovery columns of
  the allele tables.
* Fixed issue with Samplevis HTML visualisations in Firefox and Internet
  Explorer that caused an uncessesary horizontal scroll bar in the
  options panel.
parent 0065d2cb
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* Samplevis:
* Add absolute number of reads before correction, noise reads, and recovered
reads to the tables in HTML visualisations.
* Option to choose complete table download (all columns, not all rows).
* Option to freely adjust the sorting (currently CE length toggle only).
* When we have them, add default values to table filtering (for reference).
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