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    FDSTools v1.0.1.dev1 · f2ccd67d
    Hoogenboom, Jerry authored
    * Samplevis v2.1.2:
      * Added 'Save page' link to HTML visualisations, which offers for download a
        copy of the entire HTML visualisation including the user's changes.
      * Added automatic allele calling to static visualisations.
    * Pipeline v1.0.2:
      * Added -A/--in-allelelist option to the pipeline tool to provide an existing
        allele list file when running the ref-db analysis, bypassing Allelefinder.
    * Vis v1.0.3:
      * The -n/--min-abs and -s/--min-per-strand options now accept non-integer
        values as well.
      * Added six options to control the Table Filtering Options of Samplevis.
      * The Display Options now have a separate option group on the command line.