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    Grand update to all visualisations, especially Samplevis · e7517bbd
    Hoogenboom, Jerry authored
    * The Vis tool no longer crashes if you specify '-' as the input file
      without piping data in from another program. It will just produce a
      visualisation file with no embedded data instead.
    * FDSTools would crash when generating an allele name for a sequence of
      an STR marker that contained the prefix and suffix of the marker but
      not the actual STR (yes, this happened).
    * Stuttermodelvis would draw all 'All data' fits in the graphs of all
      repeat unit sequences, instead of just the 'All data' fit that was
      fitted to the data of a particular repeat sequence.
    * BGHomStats, BGHomRaw, and Samplestats now round their output to three
      significant digits.
    * BGCorrect now rounds its output to 3 decimal positions.
    Various enhancements to Samplevis HTML visualisations:
    * Added a whole new set of options which are used to automatically
      select the true alleles in a sample.
    * Added an option to split the graphs and the table up per marker.
    * The selected alleles are no longer lost when the graphs are
      re-rendered due to changed options.
    * Added some more columns to the table of selected alleles and made the
      table prettier.
    * Added a dedicated stylesheet for printing, which transforms the web
      page into a nicely formatted report when printed.
    * Option groups can now be hidden separately.
    * Filtering options are now based on the read numbers after correction.
    * The mouse cursor now changes to a 'pointer' style cursor (usually a
      hand with stretched index finger) when hovered over the clickable
      portion of the graph.
    * Updated Vega to version 2.4.0 and d3 to version 3.5.10.
    * All visualisations now use signals to set the options. This allows
      them to be updated without re-parsing the entire graph spec in most
      cases, which is much faster.
    * Using new cross-and-filter capabilities in bgrawvis, profilevis,
      samplevis, and stuttermodelvis. This greatly reduces Vega's memory
      usage and speeds up rendering.
    * The name of the currently loaded data file is prepended to the page
      title in HTML visualisations.
    * If a file is loaded into an HTML visualisation by drag-and-drop, the
      name of the loaded file is displayed on the file input element.
    * A new -T/--title option for the Vis tool allows for specifying
      something that should be prepended to the page title of HTML
      visualisations. This is particularly useful when data is piped in,
      because no file name is available in that case.
    * Asynchronous rendering of visualisations is now cancelled if a new
      asynchronous rendering task has already been scheduled (HTML
      visualisations only).
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