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    FDSTools v1.0.0 Release Candidate 1 · de3593a8
    Hoogenboom, Jerry authored
    * General changes in v1.0.0rc1:
      * Fixed bug that caused variant descriptions in allele names of
        non-STR markers to be prepended with plus signs similar to suffix variants
        in STR markers.  When attempting to convert these allele names back to raw
        sequences, FDSTools would crash with an 'Invalid allele name' error.
    * Allelevis v2.0.1 (additionally):
      * In the tooltip in HTML visualisations, a line break may now only be
        inserted in allele names after an underscore character (_) or after a
        repeat block in STR allele names.  If the input file contains raw
        sequences, line breaks may now be introduced anywhere in the sequence.
    * Samplevis v2.1.1:
      * Added tooltip support to HTML visualisations.  Moving the mouse pointer
        over one of the alleles in the graph now displays a tooltip giving
        per-strand read counts of that allele.  The tooltip may include a
        'new allele' note if the input sample was analysed with FindNewAlleles.
      * The allele t...
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