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    FDSTools v1.1.0.dev3: Fixes and pipelining enhancements · be8dbe46
    Hoogenboom, Jerry authored
    * General changes in v1.1.0.dev3:
      * Allele name heuristics: don't produce insertions at the end of the
        prefix or at the beginning of the suffix; just include extra STR
      * FDSTools will no longer crash with a 'column not found' error when
        an input file is empty. This situation is now treated as if the
        expected columns existed, but no lines of actual data were present.
        This greatly helps in tracking down issues in pipelines involving
        multiple tools, as tools will now shutdown gracefully if an upstream
        tool fails to write output.
    * Allelefinder v1.0.1:
      * Fixed crash that occurred when converting sequences to allele names
        format while no library file was provided.
      * Don't crash when output pipe is closed.
    * BGAnalyse v1.0.1:
      * Don't crash when output pipe is closed.
    * BGCorrect v1.0.2:
      * Don't crash on empty input files.
      * Don't crash when output pipe is closed.
    * BGEstimate v1.1.2:
      * Don't crash whe...
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