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    Introducing Profilevis, and various bug fixes · b7d64a4f
    jhoogenboom authored
    * New visualisation Profilevis added to the package, but not yet to
      the Vis tool.
    * The Vis tool now prints a helpful error message if no output file
      was specified, instead of printing half a megabyte of HTML and
      minified JavaScript to the terminal.
    * Fixed crash that occurred when attempting to convert the sequence
      of an alias to its allele name.
    * Fixed various bugs in the functions that convert sequences to
      TSSV-style and allele names. Only the conversion of non-matching
      sequences was affected.
    * Added "max_expected_copies" section to the FDSTools library
      format. The default value is 2. Allelefinder will now use these
      as the maximum number of alleles per marker if the
      -a/--max-alleles option is not specified.
    * The section headers in the FDSTools library format are now case
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