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    Introducing BGHomStats · a09131d9
    jhoogenboom authored
    * New tool BGHomStats computes statistics (minimum, maximum, mean,
      and sample variance) of noise ratios in homozygous samples.
    * The default BGEstimate output format has been changed to be
      compatible with that of BGHomStats. The cross-tabular output
      format is still available as an option because it easily uses 90%
      less disk space. BGCorrect (and other future tools that use noise
      profiles) will work with both formats.
    * Fixed bug in the --min-samples option of BGEstimate that could
      cause some alleles with less than the specified number of samples
      to be included if --drop-samples is used at the same time.
    * The user now receives an error message if there are unknown
      arguments. The error message lists the usage string of the
      requested tool. (Argparse's default was to print the general
      FDSTools usage string, which is not helpful.)