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    Introducing BGPredict · 276a0439
    jhoogenboom authored
    * New tool BGPredict predicts background noise profiles (containing
      only stutter products) for user-supplied alleles/sequences using
      a trained stutter model obtained from Stuttermodel. Currently
      only the amounts of the forward strand are predicted.
    * New option -L/--min-lengths for Stuttermodel allows to set a
      minimum required number of unique repeat lengths to base the
      fits on (default: 5).
    * Updated formatting of output of Stuttermodel: added '+' sign to
      positive stutter, limited r2 scores to 3 decimal places, and now
      all coefficients are written in scientific notation with 3
      decimal places.
    * The --output-column option of SeqConvert now defaults to using
      the value of --allele-column.
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