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    Developing towards v0.0.6 (v0.0.6.dev1) · 5a2addb7
    Hoogenboom, Jerry authored
    * General changes in v0.0.6.dev1:
      * Tools that take a list of files as their argument (through the -i option or
        as positionals) now explicitly support glob patterns.  This means they will
        interpret '*' and '?' characters as wildcards for 'zero or more characters'
        and 'any one character', respectively.  On Unix-like systems this is
        generally done by the shell, but on Windows one had to specify every file
        name completely.
    * BGEstimate v1.1.1:
      * Added option -p/--profiles which can be used to provide a previously
        created background noise profiles file.  BGEstimate will read starting
        values from this file instead of assuming zero noise.
    * BGMerge v1.0.2:
      * Small code changes to facilitate explicit glob pattern matching support.
    * Pipeline v1.0.1:
      * The Pipeline tool will no longer check the existence of the files specified
        for the -S/--in-samples option; instead, this is left to the downstream
        tools to find out, consistent with how this works with the other input file
    * Allelevis v2.0.1:
      * Added tooltip support to HTML visualisations.  Moving the mouse pointer
        over a node or edge in the graph now displays a tooltip giving allele names
        and sample counts.
    * Stuttermodelvis v2.0.1:
      * Changed the unit in the horizontal axis title from 'bp' to 'nt'.
    * Library v1.0.1:
      * Updated some of the comments describing the sections.
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