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    Introducing Vis · 2c96971b
    jhoogenboom authored
    * New tool Vis creates an interactive visualisation in HTML format,
      or a bare Vega graph spec (JSON format). The user can choose to
      supply a data file that will be embedded in the visualisation
      file. If no data file is given, the HTML visualisation will offer
      a file selection element, or the bare JSON output will refer to a
      file called 'data.csv'.
    * Changes to Samplevis:
      * The Options box can now be opened/closed.
      * Added options to change the width of the bars and the space
        between subgraphs (markers).
      * Added options to filter by read count or percentage vs the
        highest allele of the marker.
      * Replaced deprecated 'zip' data transforms in the Vega spec with
        the new 'lookup' transform.
    * Updated bundled Vega to v2.1.1.
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