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    FDSTools v1.0.1.dev3 · 14b17206
    Hoogenboom, Jerry authored
    * General changes in v1.0.1:
      * Fixed crash that occurred when using the -i option to run the same command
        on multiple input files.
      * The usage string now always starts with 'fdstools', even if FDSTools was
        invoked using some other command (e.g. on Windows, FDSTools gets invoked
        through a file called 'fdstools-script.py').
      * Fixed bug with the -d/--debug option being ignored if placed before the
        tool name on systems running Python 2.7.9 or later.
      * FDSTools library files may now contain IUPAC ambiguous bases in the
        prefix and suffix sequences of STR markers (except the first sequence,
        as it is used as the reference).  Additionally, optional bases may be
        represented by lowercase letters.
      * If no explicit prefix/suffix is given for an alias, the prefix/suffix of
        the corresponding marker is assumed instead. This situation was not
        handled correctly when converting from raw sequences to TSSV or allelename
        format, which resulted in the alias remaining unused.
    * Stuttermodelvis v2.0.2:
      * Added filtering option for the stutter amount (-1, +1, -2, etc.).
      * Added filtering option for the coefficient of determination (r squared
        value) of the fit functions.
    * Libconvert v1.1.1:
      * Adjustments for supporting IUPAC notation in prefix and suffix sequences
        when converting from FDSTools to TSSV library format.
    * Library v1.0.2:
      * Added documentation for IUPAC support to the descriptive comment of the
        [prefix] section.
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