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    Fixed a crash in Samplestats, and minor improvements · 13e0d781
    Hoogenboom, Jerry authored
    * Fixed crash in Samplestats. It would crash if BGCorrect columns were
    * Fixed glitch in Samplevis that allowed clicking the 'Other sequences'
      bars if the input data already contained the 'Other sequences' entry.
    * The TSSV tool will now drop any sequences that contain anything other
      than A, C, T, and G. If the -A option is given, these sequences will
      still be added to the marker aggregates. Many other tools will fail
      when confronted with such invalid sequences, especially when allele
      names need to be generated.
    * In Samplevis, the sequences are now consistently sorted (except for
      some inconsistency caused by a bug in Vega). The sorting is based on
      read counts and is the same as used for the allele tables in Samplevis
      HTML visualisations.
    * Added a comment line that mentions genome build GRCh38 and rCRS to the
      genome_position block in the libconvert output. This is mainly for
      documentation purposes; users are free to change this line if they use
      a different reference.
    * Minor styling changes to Samplevis HTML visualisations.