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    Various bug fixes and refinements throughout FDSTools · 08cf6ddd
    Hoogenboom, Jerry authored
    * Global changes in v0.0.4:
      * FDSTools will now print profiling information to stdout when the -d/--debug
        option was specified.
      * Fixed bug where specifying '-' as the output filename would be taken
        literally, while it should have been interpreted as 'write to standard out'
        (Affected tools: BGCorrect, Samplestats, Seqconvert, Stuttermark).
      * Added more detailed license information to FDSTools.
    * BGEstimate v1.1.0:
      * Added a new option -g/--min-genotypes (default: 3). Only alleles that occur
        in at least this number of unique heterozygous genotypes will be
        considered. This is to avoid 'contamination' of the noise profile of one
        allele with the noise of another. If homozygous samples are available for
        an allele, this filter is not applied to that allele. Setting this option
        to 1 effectively disables it. This option has the same cascading effect as
        the -s/--min-samples option, that is, if one allele does not meet...
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