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\title{Code optimisation}
\providecommand{\myConference}{Work discussion}
\providecommand{\myDate}{Wednesday, 24 February 2011}
\author{Jeroen F. J. Laros}
\providecommand{\myGroup}{Leiden Genome Technology Center}
\providecommand{\myDepartment}{Department of Human Genetics}
\providecommand{\myCenter}{Center for Human and Clinical Genetics}
% This disables the \pause command, handy in the editing phase.
% Make the title page.
% Easy way: running on a cluster / grid.
% - Linear speedup.
% - Expensive (cost per node).
% - Takes quite some time.
% Complexity.
% - Examples of linear / quadratic algorithms.
% Find critical section(s).
% - 99% of the time you spend in 1% of the code.
% - Profilers.
% Investigate complexity.
% - Example of quadratic algorithm that has linear counterpart.
% - This gives more speedup than parallelisation.
% - Very hard, even for experienced programmers, do not hesitate to ask.
% Optimisation using other languages (C).
% - Linear speedup.
% - Example TSSV (one day of work saves 2 nodes a 20.000 euro.
% Parallelisation (last resort).
% First page of the presentation.
\section{Short introduction}
\subsection{Titles and subtitles}
Notice the title and subtitle:
\item The \emph{section} command controls the title.
\item The \emph{subsection} command controls the frametitle.
The titles are retained until overwritten.
Notice the footer is present on all overlays.
A \emph{pframe} does not need to be declared fragile.
\begin{lstlisting}[caption={Example input}]
print "Hello"
\subsection{Two columns}
Picture goes here.
\caption{Some picture.}
Sometimes it is convenient to have two columns.
\item Pictures can be too high.
\item You may have multiple small pictures.
\item \ldots
Perhaps acknowledge the author of this template.
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