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Made the coverage slides compilable.

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% Alter these four lines for a new presentation.
\providecommand{\me}{Jeroen F. J. Laros}
\providecommand{\myTitle}{Copy Number of Substrings}
\title{Copy Number of Substrings}
\providecommand{\myConference}{Work discussion}
\providecommand{\myDate}{Tuesday, 13 October 2009}
% Now go to %%% BEGIN PRESENTATION %%%
\documentclass[a4, portrait]{seminar}
\usepackage{semcolor} % For coloured text.
\usepackage{slidesec} % For section headings.
\usepackage{newcent} % This is a better font for presentations.
\usepackage{graphicx} % For pictures.
\usepackage{fancybox} % For the background picture.
\definecolor{Blue}{rgb}{0.,0.11372,0.37647} % Custom LUMC color
\renewcommand{\labelitemi}{\textcolor{white}{$\bullet$}} % Make the bullets for
\renewcommand{\labelitemii}{\textcolor{white}{--}} % itemising white.
\newslideframe{TITLE}{ % Template for the title.
\rput(0, 0){\includegraphics[angle=90, scale=.485]{bg}}
\newslideframe{PRES}{ % Template for the body.
\rput(0, 0){\includegraphics[angle=90, scale=.485]{bg2}}
\rput[l]{90}(8.57, -1.5){\scriptsize{\myConference}}
\rput[c]{90}(8.57, 5.35){\scriptsize{\theslide/\pageref{LastPage}}}
\rput[r]{90}(8.57, 12.2){\scriptsize{\myDate}}
\white #1
\author{Jeroen F. J. Laros}
\providecommand{\myDepartment}{Department of Human Genetics}
\providecommand{\myCenter}{Center for Human and Clinical Genetics}
%\includegraphics[height = 1cm]{lgtc_logo}
%\includegraphics[height = 0.7cm]{ngi_logo}
\renewcommand{\makeslideheading}[1]{ % Put the slide headings on top.
\rput[l](0.2, .40){
%\includegraphics[height = 0.7cm]{nbic_logo}
%\includegraphics[height = 0.8cm]{nwo_logo_en}
\hspace{1.5cm}\includegraphics[height = 0.7cm]{gen2phen_logo}
\slideframe{TITLE} % Use the title template.
\small{Department of Human Genetics}\\
\small{Center for Human and Clinical Genetics}
\slideframe{PRES} % Use the body template.
% This disables the \pause command, handy in the editing phase.
% Make the title page.
\slideheading{Problem description}
% First page of the presentation.
\frametitle{Problem description}
A sequenced string is usually mapped back to a reference genome.
......@@ -94,10 +46,10 @@ is not unique increases when the length decreases.
\item Map everything randomly on one of the occurrences.
\slideheading{Taking notice of the problem}
\frametitle{Taking notice of the problem}
By analysing the reference genome itself, we can predict how many times each
read occurs.
......@@ -111,7 +63,9 @@ count number.
\item Verification in general.
......@@ -120,10 +74,10 @@ count number.
\slideheading{Practical solution}
\frametitle{Practical solution}
Preliminary research [Rietveld 2009] showed that indexing the entire human
genome can be done efficiently (half an hour). With non-dedicated hardware
and low memory capabilities about eight hours.
......@@ -131,13 +85,12 @@ and low memory capabilities about eight hours.
Output consists of a truncated-suffix array (suffixes truncated at any length),
this array can be used to determine all occurrences of...
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