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\providecommand{\myConference}{BBMRI-NL 2.0 Kick-Off}
\providecommand{\myDate}{Wednesday, October 7, 2015}
\author{Jeroen F.J. Laros}
\providecommand{\myGroup}{Leiden Genome Technology Center}
\providecommand{\myDepartment}{Department of Human Genetics}
\providecommand{\myCenter}{Center for Human and Clinical Genetics}
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% sufficient servers for our applications (catalogue, apps, warehouses,
% interoperability, etc). Keep current facilities available in collaboration
% with CIT and SURFsara. Integration of procedures and support such that
% researchers can get access to all facilities as one (e.g. RP3 can give access
% to all via clear procedure). Uniform MTA and security rules such that
% biobanks can trust the environment. Clear capacity requirements to the
% e-infra providers for 2015. Mirror the data between SURFsara to CIT and give
% permission within MTAs
\item Keep them up and running.
\item Manage access.
\item Data sharing.
\item Security and backup.
Realise this via:
\item Federated authentication and authorisation.
\item Dedicated network connections (e-lan).
\item Documentation and automatic roll-out of software.
\subsection{Federated authentication and authorisation}
% Dramatically reduce the effort of maintaining users and permissions. Giving
% access is now fragmented, which is becoming a challenges with ~dozen groups
% and ~200 counts. Ideally, accounts would be managed by institutes and BBMRI
% only needs to worry about granting access. In collaboration with NFU/WP7 we
% will therefor pilot: centralized identity/group management using federated ID
% (analogous to SurfConext for websites). If that doesn’t work we will
% implement technically less advanced procedures to keep the facilities in
% sync.
User management is difficult.
\item Currently more than $300$ accounts from different institutes.
\item More than $10$ different groups.
Pilot with SURFsara to solve this.
\item User accounts are managed by the institutes.
\item Ideally, access is managed by putting users in a certain group.
\subsection{Data sharing}
% Dramatically ease the sharing of data across compute facilities. Currently it
% is technically challenging to move access between current facilities, e.g.
% for failover or use in specific tools. Also there is unnecessary duplication
% of data because of barriers between the facilities. EUDAT and iRODS promise
% solutions to ease staging and sharing of data. In this task we will evaluate
% and document current solutions and bring into production if useful.
The current situation results in:
\item Complicated procedures to transfer data.
\item Long transfer times.
\item Data duplication.
With the e-lan we set up a fast, reliable and safe permanent connection.
\item Only accessible from other UMCs (possibly other partners like
universities will participate).
\item In combination with the federated authentication and authorisation,
data can be kept at the hosting institute.
\subsection{Documentation and software roll-out}
% Dramatically ease the sharing of tools/pipelines across compute facilities.
% Deploy of software tools and pipelines across the central and local
% facilities is still a lot of work. In this task we will develop procedures to
% ease this process, using standard systems like ‘module’ system, puppet,
% easyinstall, VM technology, etc.
Tools and pipelines are difficult to deploy.
\item Dependencies.
\item Databases.
\item System configuration.
Also, making a VM has disadvantages.
\item Difficult to separate the important bits.
We propose to use Ansible playbooks.
\item Human readable.
\item Machine executable.
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