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Updated publications.

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......@@ -734,6 +734,14 @@ month={Jul},
keywords = {jlaros},
title={Annotating transcriptional effects of genetic variants in disease relevant tissue: Transcriptome-wide allelic imbalance in osteoarthritic cartilage}, ISSN={2326-5191}, url={}, DOI={10.1002/art.40748}, journal={Arthritis & Rheumatology}, publisher={Wiley}, author={den Hollander, Wouter and Pulyakhina, Irina and Boer, Cindy and Bomer, Nils and van der Breggen, Ruud and Arindrarto, Wibowo and Couthino de Almeida, Rodrigo and Lakenberg, Nico and Sentner, Thom and Laros, Jeroen F.J. and et al.}, year={2018}, month={Oct}}
keywords = {jlaros},
title={General binary file parser.}, volume={3}, ISSN={2475-9066}, url={}, DOI={10.21105/joss.00766}, number={26}, journal={Journal of Open Source Software}, publisher={The Open Journal}, author={F.J. Laros, Jeroen}, year={2018}, month={Jun}, pages={766}}
keywords= {jlaros},
title={Whole Gene Capture Analysis of 15 CRC Susceptibility Genes in Suspected Lynch Syndrome Patients}, volume={11}, ISSN={1932-6203}, url={}, DOI={10.1371/journal.pone.0157381}, number={6}, journal={PLOS ONE}, publisher={Public Library of Science (PLoS)}, author={Jansen, Anne M. L. and Geilenkirchen, Marije A. and van Wezel, Tom and Jagmohan-Changur, Shantie C. and Ruano, Dina and van der Klift, Heleen M. and van den Akker, Brendy E. W. M. and Laros, Jeroen F. J. and van Galen, Michiel and Wagner, Anja and et al.}, editor={Suzuki, HiromuEditor}, year={2016}, month={Jun}, pages={e0157381}}
......@@ -745,7 +753,6 @@ title={FDSTools: A software package for analysis of massively parallel sequencin
keywords= {jlaros},
title={Critical points for an accurate human genome analysis}, volume={38}, ISSN={1059-7794}, url={}, DOI={10.1002/humu.23238}, number={8}, journal={Human Mutation}, publisher={Wiley-Blackwell}, author={White, Stefan J. and Laros, Jeroen F.J. and Bakker, Egbert and Cambon-Thomsen, Anne and Eden, Martin and Leonard, Samantha and Lochmüller, Hanns and Matthijs, Gert and Mattocks, Christopher and Patton, Simon and et al.}, year={2017}, month={Jun}, pages={912–921}}
>>>>>>> a48b135258b60f25d2f4238096aeadf97c954928
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