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Added publication.

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......@@ -707,6 +707,18 @@ title={Transmission of human mtDNA heteroplasmy in the Genome of the Netherlands
keywords= {jlaros},
title={Massively parallel sequencing of short tandem repeats—Population data and mixture analysis results for the PowerSeq™ system}, volume={24}, ISSN={1872-4973}, url={}, DOI={10.1016/j.fsigen.2016.05.016}, journal={Forensic Science International: Genetics}, publisher={Elsevier BV}, author={van der Gaag, Kristiaan J. and de Leeuw, Rick H. and Hoogenboom, Jerry and Patel, Jaynish and Storts, Douglas R. and Laros, Jeroen F.J. and de Knijff, Peter}, year={2016}, month={Sep}, pages={86–96}}
keywords= {jlaros},
title={Whole Gene Capture Analysis of 15 CRC Susceptibility Genes in Suspected Lynch Syndrome Patients}, volume={11}, ISSN={1932-6203}, url={}, DOI={10.1371/journal.pone.0157381}, number={6}, journal={PLOS ONE}, publisher={Public Library of Science (PLoS)}, author={Jansen, Anne M. L. and Geilenkirchen, Marije A. and van Wezel, Tom and Jagmohan-Changur, Shantie C. and Ruano, Dina and van der Klift, Heleen M. and van den Akker, Brendy E. W. M. and Laros, Jeroen F. J. and van Galen, Michiel and Wagner, Anja and et al.}, editor={Suzuki, HiromuEditor}, year={2016}, month={Jun}, pages={e0157381}}
keywords= {jlaros},
title={FDSTools: A software package for analysis of massively parallel sequencing data with the ability to recognise and correct STR stutter and other PCR or sequencing noise}, volume={27}, ISSN={1872-4973}, url={}, DOI={10.1016/j.fsigen.2016.11.007}, journal={Forensic Science International: Genetics}, publisher={Elsevier BV}, author={Hoogenboom, Jerry and van der Gaag, Kristiaan J. and de Leeuw, Rick H. and Sijen, Titia and de Knijff, Peter and Laros, Jeroen F.J.}, year={2017}, month={Mar}, pages={27–40}}
keywords= {jlaros},
title={Critical points for an accurate human genome analysis}, volume={38}, ISSN={1059-7794}, url={}, DOI={10.1002/humu.23238}, number={8}, journal={Human Mutation}, publisher={Wiley-Blackwell}, author={White, Stefan J. and Laros, Jeroen F.J. and Bakker, Egbert and Cambon-Thomsen, Anne and Eden, Martin and Leonard, Samantha and Lochmüller, Hanns and Matthijs, Gert and Mattocks, Christopher and Patton, Simon and et al.}, year={2017}, month={Jun}, pages={912–921}}
title={BackTranslate: Functions for reverse translation.},
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