Commit 94973ea3 authored by Jeroen F.J. Laros's avatar Jeroen F.J. Laros

Added citation.

parent b4b4cb55
......@@ -374,6 +374,18 @@ publisher = {ACM},
address = {New York, NY, USA},
keywords = "jlaros",
author = "Tatum, Z. and Roos, M. and Gibson, A.P. and Taschner, P.E.M. and
Thompson, M. and Schultes, E.A. and Laros, J.F.J.",
title = "Preserving sequence annotations across reference sequences",
volume = 5,
number = 1,
journal = "Journal of Biomedical Semantics",
month = "June",
year = 2014
@article{ WE,
keywords = {jlaros, top},
author = "Westen, A.A. and Matai, A. S. and Laros, J.F.J. and Meiland, H.C.
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