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def _hamming(path, node, word, distance):
Find the first path in the trie that is within a certain hamming distance
of {word}. Note that this does not necessarily the one with the smallest
:arg str path: Path taken so far to reach the current node.
:arg dict node: Current node.
:arg str word: Query word.
:arg int distance: Amount of errors we can still make.
:returns str:
:returns str: A word in the trie that has Hamming distance of at most
{distance} to {word}.
if distance < 0:
return ''
......@@ -50,7 +55,7 @@ class Trie(object):
:arg str word: A word.
:returns dict: The node if found, None otherwise.
:returns dict: The node if found, {} otherwise.
node = self.root
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