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Added some convenience functions.

parent f87e3bc1
def _fill(node, alphabet, length):
"""Make a full trie using the characters in {alphabet}.
:arg dict node: Current node.
:arg tuple alphabet: Used alphabet.
:arg int length: Length of the words to be generated.
:returns iter: Trie containing all words of length {length} over alphabet
if not length:
node[''] = {}
for car in alphabet:
node[car] = {}
_fill(node[car], alphabet, length - 1)
def _to_list(path, node):
"""Convert a trie into a list.
:arg str path: Path taken so far to reach the current node.
:arg dict node: Current node.
:returns iter: All words in the trie.
if '' in node:
yield path
for car in node:
for result in _to_list(path + car, node[car]):
yield result
def _hamming(path, node, word, distance):
"""Find all paths in the trie that are within a certain hamming distance of
......@@ -60,14 +95,15 @@ def _levenshtein(path, node, word, distance):
class Trie(object):
def __init__(self, words):
def __init__(self, words=None):
"""Initialise the class.
:arg list words: List of words.
self.root = {}
if words:
def _build(self, words):
"""Build the trie.
......@@ -113,6 +149,12 @@ class Trie(object):
def has_prefix(self, word):
return self._find(word) != {}
def fill(self, alphabet, length):
_fill(self.root, alphabet, length)
def to_list(self):
return _to_list('', self.root)
def all_hamming(self, word, distance):
return _hamming('', self.root, word, distance)
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